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  • Valuations – Adrian James is an RICS Registered Valuer and can provide rental and capital valuations for various purposes.  His experience as a senior property manager in local government and the utilities sector means he has dealt with Red Book compliant valuations on several different bases, including Depreciated Replacement Cost. 
  • Lease advice – are you aware of your rights and obligations? We advise both landlords and tenants in respect of covenants including repairing obligations, assignment and subletting, break clauses, etc. Exercising your rights under the provisions of a lease can be technically challenging and it is important to follow procedures exactly. Call us to discuss your lease queries.
  • Lease renewals and rent reviews – acting for both landlords and tenants, we advise on procedures, rights and obligations, service of notices and negotiate revised lease terms. Lease renewals (and often rent reviews) are governed by strict time limits for service of notices and there are limited grounds on which renewal of a business lease may be refused.   
  • Disposals and acquisitions  – we can act on your behalf in selling, letting, buying or acquiring a lease of premises. We are able to undertake a search for property on your behalf, advise on location, suitability and value, and negotiate terms.  
  • Compensation advice – we can advise on the implications of compulsory purchase orders and the exercise of compulsory access powers by utliity companies, submit compensation claims and negotiate appropriate settlements.


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