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  • Flat lease extensions – we have dealt with many of these, saving clients thousands of pounds. If you have owned your flat for two years or more, you are entitled to a new lease, at nil ground rent. This is increasingly important in flats which were built in the late 1960s and early 1970s, with original leases of 99 years. Once the remaining term gets below 70 years,  mortgageability and hence saleability of your flat could be adversely affected. To benefit from the entitlement, you must be careful to follow the correct procedure - Contact us for advice on exercising your right to a new lease. 
  • Freehold Reversions - many houses in South Wales are still of leasehold tenure. Legislation entitles leaseholders to purchase the freehold interest. We can advise freeholders and leaseholders on the process and costs involved. Buying the freehold interest  becomes more costly as the lease term gets shorter - contact us for advice. 
  • Block Management – dealing with rent collection, administration and collection of service charges, administration of repairs, Section 20 consultations, etc
  • Individual Property Management – collecting rent, dealing with tenant queries, day-to-day repairs, etc. Our fees for this service are 10% of the monthly rent received, plus VAT. We do not offer a "tenant find" service.  
  • Valuations – as an RICS Registered Valuer, Adrian James can provide valuations of property for a variety of purposes. 
  • Compensation advice – we can advise on compensation claims in respect of damage or loss of value to your property from public schemes such as highways, etc and on appropriate compensation for damage or loss caused by utility undertakings.


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